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Democracy & Human Rights

Democracy & Human Rights

Democracy & Human Rights Since its inception in 2005, Students for Global Democracy Uganda has acquired vast experience and expertise in dealing with the challenges of ensuring that young people in the student community i.e. universities and high schools are empowered, while promoting civic awareness and sensitization on their democratic right, through the Student Civic Education Programme intending to inculcate a culture of responsible citizenship and civic duty for young people both in schools and the community contributing to certain key aspects of democratic behaviors and attitudes.

SGD Uganda promotes civic awareness and sensitization among young people, principally students on the democratic right to participate in democracy and democratization processes by the young people and youth in Uganda. The activities are carried out thorough civic education of the young people and youth from the local community level in the rural areas to the urban areas. Through civic education, the activities inculcate a culture of responsible citizenship and civic duty among the young people and youth to enhance the realization of accountable democratic rule and governance in Uganda. The organization does this by engaging the youth in activities that are geared towards enhancing their individual love and respect for democratic participation and culture in their daily lives; their individual love and respect for democratic good practices and accountable democratic service in the political life of their communities; their individual understanding of the dangers associated with resorting to undemocratic means of management of society and their individual capacities in applying democratic means self-development in community leadership.

The youth tailored activities like mock election exercises and mock parliaments have contributed to significantly greater rates of political participation especially at the local level leading to more moderate, but significant different in participants’ knowledge about their political system, democratic structures and institutions. SGD Uganda has mobilized and recruited many young people, especially students and constitute them in coalition, with a strong voice to demand and participate in the electoral process during the 2016 General Elections.

The organization has continued to observe the school based programmes like the university guild and high school students’ leadership elections. These platforms help to empower students with the power that is limited through representative democracy. These have been undertaken through reflection platforms and they have been designed with the purpose that, for democracy to survive and flourish, a critical mass of its citizens must posses the skills, knowledge, embody the values and manifest the behaviors that accord with democracy. They must know enough about the basic features of a democratic political system, must believe in the importance of certain key democratic values, such as tolerance for divergent viewpoints, consensus, political and trust building and mobilize young people willing and able to participate in local and national politics, while using approaches that are new to Uganda democratic process.
The project “Addressing Ethnic Tensions and Religious Differences in Uganda Universities, was among the shortlisted 45 Action Shortlisted Projects, that were identified from among an astonishing total of 1,532 youth-led action projects competing for the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum Label, 2013. With the success above, the project undertook various lessons and key observations that are key important in sustaining democratic engagement and enhancing the role of young people in promoting inter-dialogue and peaceful co-existence. The organization has encouraged many young people in schools, where hardly electoral messaging reach them through “Strengthening Students’ Participation in 2016 Elections. The key element of this work has been voter education i.e. voter registration caravans, mock election exercises etc. With these engagements, the organization hopes that civic educators, election officials and other organizations will build on these practical learning in order to inspire life-long voting habits. Through collaboration, we can inspire young people to become active and engaged leaders of tomorrow.

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