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Students for Global Democracy (SGD Uganda) is a student-led nonprofit and non-partisan organization founded in 2005 that inspires young people, principally students, to adopt and promote principles of leadership, good governance and sustainability with the goal of greater youth participation in democratic processes and sustainable development efforts in Uganda and the outside world.


An enlightened and empowered student community participating effectively in the democratization process and sustainable development of their communities and nation


Empower students with knowledge and skills of applying principles of democracy, governance and sustainability in personal, community and nation development


What SFGD Does

We inspire young people, principally students, to adopt and promote principles of leadership, good governance and sustainability through a whole range of programmes.

SFGD Broad Objectives

• Promote democracy through awareness, monitoring, government accountability, constitutionalism, electoral process etc
• To monitor the government foundation for a better delivery of services and the needs to protect their rights.
• To raise a new generation of citizens with an attitude to respect of democracy.
• To lobby and advocate for increase of student representation and participation at all levels of decision making.
• To inspire, empower and support student community to be at the forefront in the promotion of democratization process of their country.
• To effectively participate in the sustainable development of our country and the outside world. Specific Strategic Objectives
• To influence enterprise and leadership linkages to attain economic, social and political rights
• To sensitize and educate students on civics, civic duty, rights, freedoms of citizenship and responsibilities
• To promote democratic governance of climate change and smart agriculture related process
• To strengthen SGD’s governance, financial and human resource for effective implementation of its strategy.

How did it all begin?

In October 2005, Mike Gesa Munabi, the Founder & President with a group of focused and outstanding young people, mostly students, full of vigor, enthusiasm, love and compassion for humanity, inspired an idea for starting up a student led organization, to be a platform of empowering young Ugandans, principally students with the knowledge of democracy and sustainability, to effectively enable them participate in the democratization process and sustainable action of their country.

SFGD Values

• Community: SGD Uganda values human potential and provides opportunities for young people to reach their highest personal and professional capabilities.
• Mutual respect and integrity: genuine caring among individuals fosters diverse viewpoints and opinions, as well as valuing the skills and capabilities of all stakeholders. We value community efforts and continuous learning in the interest of promoting democracy.
• Right thinking and conviction: education and training offer wisdom and life skills as tools to exploit opportunities for personal, community and nation development
• Respect, tolerance, and reconciliation: good human coexistence stems from building trust through dialogue, sharing and cooperation peace campaigns, conflict resolution training and workshops, and peace camps.
• Advocacy and lobbying: are a human right and tool through information gathering and dissemination, workshops, etc.



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